Our Board

Our board members are not just leaders; they are dreamers and doers who actively shape the future of our community. They bring diverse backgrounds, unique insights, and a shared commitment to making a significant impact.



Greg Escolta - President

Greg is the EDT Co-Founder and President. He has two BS degrees from SFSU: Biology and Asian Studies. He holds 2 black belts, teaches Martial Arts and trains/supervises mentors. He has 57 years of Martial Arts experience, including disability training, and has led 25 students to Martial Arts awards in California and Korea.



Frances Schreiner - Vice President

Frances is the EDT Co-Founder, Project Director and Board Vice President. She provides vision and develops partnerships with key organizations providing facilities and program services. She has 35 years of leadership experience as an Oracle Sales Manager, overseeing 150+ employees on accounts for Stanford, University of California, the city of Los Angeles and states of California and New Mexico. She was in the top 1% of Oracle Sales worldwide across all industries. 



Franklin Peralta - Chief Financial Officer

Franklin is the EDT Board Chief Financial Officer. He provides the board with sound financial guidance and judgement as EDT grows into a larger community. Franklin graduated Heald Business College with a Major in accounting in 1978. He also has earned a bachelor's degree in science as well as a major's degree in Applied Economics from the University of San Fransisco in 1984. He is the Founder and CEO of PeraltaCo Inc. and has led the organization since 1984. 



Anne Machado - Secretary

A resident of San Mateo County for 51 years, Anne has worked in the Corporate Sector for over 25 years as an Executive Secretary. However, her passion has always been focused on helping youth build self-confidence. In earlier years, Anne produced fashion shows that targeted youth of all ages, ethnicities, and body types because it was essential to her those kids learned that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Born in Hong Kong to a Portuguese/Chinese Mother and a Portuguese Father, the eldest of four daughters, Anne realized early on the struggle and sacrifices her parents faced as immigrants and their emphasis on education, which they impressed on their daughters. 


Andres Romero - At Large Board Member

Andres has long standing ties in the North Fair Oaks area and comes from an immigrant family. Andres is currently the Executive Director of the Redwood City YMCA program.


Doris Pelaez - Community Representative

Doris is a leader among the families served by the Escolta Dream Team program. Doris's role is to provide input on community interests and make suggestions to the board leadership for program improvements.