Our Programs

The Reach, Inspire, Structure, Education (RISE) Program: 

At RISE, we focus on providing services to North Fair Oaks and transforming lives. We serve by offering an innovative 1 STOP martial arts program and tutoring to children and ESL to parents. Each program part delivers concrete outcomes that change the lives of the families we serve. 

1. Community-Centric Approach:

We understand the pulse of the NFO community, where a significant portion of families experience language, transportation, and childcare barriers in other programs.  These needs are served by RISE’s one-stop shop. In RISE, parents can feel comfortable attending ESL classes knowing their children receive high-quality martial arts training, build their academic foundation, and receive targeted assistance for their academic gaps. 

2. Martial Arts:  

Led and assessed by a black belt instructor emphasizing self-control and concentration, students develop coordination, pride, perseverance, and respect for others through Martial Arts.  Research shows that linking martial arts training to academic assistance raises memory /concentration in both endeavors.

3. Closing Academic Gaps:

Measurable learning tools are primary to our tutoring. Credentialed Math and Language teachers review standardized testing to identify learning gaps. All tutoring for the students is delivered 1-on-1 and built on personal relationships. RISE staff foster relationships with individual teachers and administrators to ensure tutoring reinforces classroom work and assessment data.  

4. ESL:

ESL is offered by others, but the programs are often full and there are children and childcare obstacles.  In RISE. parents can feel comfortable attending classes knowing their children are receiving high-quality martial arts training, building their academic foundation, and receiving targeted assistance for their academic gaps.  The ESL classes develop community and incorporate parental advocacy skills.  Specific vocabulary and strategies for communicating with healthcare and community professionals are interwoven into ESL coursework.  The ESL and Academic leadership coordinate strategies to create in-house discipline and respect for family study time.


At RISE, we're not just an organization but a catalyst for change, deeply embedded in our community. We focus on creating lasting impacts through education, empowerment, and engagement, ensuring families in the NFO community have the tools and support they need to thrive.