Our Staff

At the heart of Escolta Dream Team's success are the passionate individuals who bring our mission to life. Our dedicated staff members are more than just people; they are the architects of change, the mentors of tomorrow, and the driving force behind every initiative we undertake. Each team member brings a unique set of skills and a shared commitment to excellence, collaboration, and innovation.



Greg Escolta - Co-Founder

Greg is the EDT Co-Founder and President. He has two BS degrees from SFSU: Biology and Asian Studies. He holds 2 black belts, teaches Martial Arts and trains/supervises mentors. He has 57 years of Martial Arts experience, including disability training, and has led 25 students to Martial Arts awards in California and Korea.


Frances Schreiner - Co-Founder & Program Director

Frances is the EDT Co-Founder, Project Director and Board Vice President. She provides vision and develops partnerships with key organizations providing facilities and program services. She supervises, recruits/trains tutors and matches them with children, sets schedules and recruits credentialed teachers and professionals. She has 35 years of leadership experience as an Oracle Sales Manager, overseeing 150+ employees on accounts for Stanford, University of California, the city of Los Angeles and states of California and New Mexico. She was in the top 1% of Oracle Sales worldwide across all industries.


Sumaya Wilkie - Math Consultant

Sumaya has 25 +years' experience as a classroom teacher. She holds a BS Biology from Humboldt and multiple subjects teaching credential, as well as supplemental credentials in Math and in Life Science. She is a volunteer tutor and consultant on math instruction and recommends individual student resources. Her expertise is in differentiating curriculum for the needs of both neurotypical and neurodivergent students.


Jeanne Gross - ESL Instructor

With 14 years of adult education, Jeanne teaches the ESL class and has two MAs, one in ESL from SFSU and a Certificate in ESL from Notre Dame de Namur. She worked at Cañada College for 22 years as an ESL instructor, tutor coordinator and dean.


Ellery Dake - Language Consultant

Ellery is a volunteer consultant on specialized reading needs and curriculum. Receiving high academic honors, she has a BA in Literature Studies (concentrating on African American and Gender studies) and an MA in Education and a Teaching Credential from UCLA. She has deep experience with youth development and mentoring, including work as a Learning Differences Mentor at Stanford University’s Schwab Learning Center and as a teacher at Charles Armstrong School, which specializes in language-based learning differences, she has also worked with crime and truancy prevention programs for the City of EPA.