Escolta Dream Team

Reach, Inspire, Structure, Education (RISE)

  • Community Engagement

    The RISE program is deeply rooted in the NFO community, where we primarily serve Latino families, many of whom face language barriers and economic challenges. Our efforts are focused on bridging educational gaps, as evidenced by the low reading and math proficiency rates among local 3rd graders. By understanding and addressing these community-specific needs, RISE is committed to elevating the educational standards and quality of life in the NFO community.

  • Holistic Approach

    RISE adopts a comprehensive approach by integrating martial arts, tutoring for children, and ESL classes for parents into our unique 1 STOP program. This design not only promotes educational advancement but also ensures cultural and linguistic accessibility. With community members actively participating in our governance and operations, we're building a program that resonates deeply with those we serve.

  • Education Empowerment

    Our mission extends beyond providing services; it's about empowering families. We tackle common barriers such as transportation and childcare by offering all our services under one roof. Our focus on developing self-discipline through martial arts, personalized tutoring, and ESL classes for parents, particularly equips mothers to confidently engage with their children's education and advocate effectively in various community contexts.

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  • Vividiana- Parent

    "I also thank God for the life of Frances and all those who make this possible and put all their efforts for our children, and are the best guardians my children have had and the karate teacher Greg along with the helpers who help him so much. God bless and multiply!"

  • Greg- Leader

    "The growth in their martial arts skill and the many life lessons they are learning makes me proud to pass on the martial art culture to the next generation."

  • Patricia- Parent

    "I want to thank all of those who participated to give a big gift and a smile to my daughters and all the children in this group. May God bless all of you! Thank you!"

  • Kurt- Math Tutor

    "I am moved by how appreciative the families are and how motivated they are to give their children a better life."